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Incident 66862 - Ex-CEO who left his life behind to trek across Australia becomes stranded when one of his camels loses its footing.

by GEOS IERCC Duty Officer on May 03, 2020

Ex-CEO John Elliot left his high powered career as an entrepreneur behind in pursuit of finding a new life trekking across Australia with 5 camels and a dog.

While walking along a ridge, one of Elliot’s camels lost its footing, bringing Elliot and the other animals down with it.

'It was about a ten metre straight drop but I was stupidly holding onto the rope so (Arthur and I) both went over the edge,' Mr Elliott told Nine News.

'He went down about 40 metres and I went down about 20.'

His camel Arthur was bleeding and crying out in pain as he desperately tried to bring him back up the hill.

Mr Elliott feared he was going to lose his animals he had spent walking 3,000km across the country with.

Elliot activated the SOS on his inReach, which was received by Search and Rescue Coordinators at the IERCC. The IERCC coordinated with RCC Australia to send help to Elliot’s location.

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