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Incident 25527 - 70-Year-Old Living Off-Grid Rescued Again

by GEOS IERCC Duty Officer on February 01, 2020

After making international news with his rescue last year, Ken Smith went back to his daily life in a remote area of Scotland. Almost a year later to the day, Ken found himself pressing the SOS on his SPOT device again after sustaining injuries after a log pile collapsed on him. Upon receiving the SOS, Search and Rescue coordinators at the IERCC contacted the United Kingdom MCC who liaised with the Lochaber Mountain Rescue team to send a helicopter to help Ken.

“Donald Paterson, deputy leader of Lochaber MRT, said Mr Smith was conscious and had suffered head and chest injuries.

"He was conscious the whole time and obviously did the right thing in activating his personal emergency beacon. It is linked to an American satellite and then relayed from the USA to UK coastguards," he said.

"He had minor injuries but he is elderly. He had been out collecting logs and the pile came down on him. He was a bit worse for the wear and tear of the accident so it was felt it was best to take him to hospital."

Lochaber Mountain Rescue transported Ken to a hospital in Fort William where he was treated for his injuries.

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