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Incident 64868 - Group of Italian hikers rescued while visiting “Into the Wild” bus

by GEOS IERCC Duty Officer on February 22, 2020

An Italian man is recovering from frostbite on his after his group became stranded while hiking to the “Into the Wild” bus. Search and Rescue coordinators at the IERCC were alerted to the emergency when an SOS was received from the group’s inReach device.

“Alaska State Troopers say the five Italians were rescued Saturday from a camp they set up after visiting the dilapidated bus on the Stampede Trail near the interior town of Healy.

The hikers were found 13 miles from the trailhead, Trooper spokesman Tim DeSpain said. He didn’t know how far they were from the bus.

One of the hikers had frostbite to his feet and was transported to Fairbanks for treatment, DeSpain said. The hiker’s injuries are not considered life-threatening. The other four hikers were picked up by friends in Healy.”

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