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Cross Country Cyclist Sidelined After Accident

by GEOS IERCC Duty Officer on May 6, 2016

ELKO, Nev. (KWQC) – A man who made a stop in the Quad Cities last month on his cross-country bike ride for Autism Awareness has been forced to postpone his trip due to an injury.

According to his Facebook page, Paul Favro Jr. has traveled over 2,000 miles and was less than 500 miles from his goal when the accident happened. Favro made a stop in the Quad Cities, crossing the Mississippi River on April 12, 2016. While he was here, he talked about Autism and his journey.

Canadian man with autism bikes to QCA for autism awareness

The following is a message that was sent out to his followers:

"It is with a heavy heart that I announce Paul Favro Jr. is putting the balance of his ride to San Jose, CA on hold due to injuries received yesterday afternoon during a fall from his bicycle and his doctor’s instructions not to ride further at this time. Paul was less than 500 miles from his intended destination of San Jose."

Paul continued to ride after his fall for about three miles before realizing his injuries required medical attention. At that time, he pressed the SOS button on his SPOT locator device. He was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Elko, Nevada where he was treated for his injuries. He is sad about the decision to stop riding but says he will return to complete this trip sometime in the future on his own.

Paul wants to thank all those who supported him and his cause for Autism Awareness throughout the entire journey. He will continue to support this cause when he returns to Brampton which will be sometime in the next few days. Paul achieved many personal milestone goals since he started his ride for Autism. He crossed an international border, eight state borders, three time zones while battling snow storms, freezing rain, ice pellets, high winds and severe cold temperatures. Most recently he had surpassed 3,000 km and yesterday morning, prior to the accident, surpassed the 2,000 mile mark. I am proud of his accomplishments and the fact that he was doing this for a good cause. We all look forward the having Paul return home safely.

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