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The Garmin-powered International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) is the only global Search and Rescue Coordination Center for Satellite Emergency Notification Devices (S.E.N.D.). We are proud of the work we have done locating people in distress no matter where they are. This is accomplished through our global partnerships with SEND providers, our technology, and our broad reach to official Search and Rescue (SAR) Agencies around the globe! Our operations team never stops until the mission is done, and that is why we have successfully coordinated the rescues of thousands of people in need in over 205 countries and territories.

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Before you head out, it's great to become familiar with all of the functions of your device, including the SOS. For information on what happens when you press the SOS on your device, and to set up a time to test the SOS feature on your device, please click the link below.

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